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  • Obey Bay The Brave – On Our Own – Video Shoot

    Had the chance to be an ‘extra’ in the music video for Obey The Brave‘s new song called ‘On Our Own’. The new song is off their...

    by Marco Mion

    January 3rd 2016 – 6:00h – Ottawa, ON Birds, Fort Worth Dealey Plaza, Dallas Forterra Pipe & Precast, Grand Prairie University of Texas, Arlington Taco Casa, I45...

    by Marco Mion
  • British Columbia 2016 in photos

    by Marco Mion
  • Digital Sea

    adrift in an open sea.

  • Business Wisdom

    Some good wisdom for business. Strategy a.. Emotions, when mixed with unbridled greed, produce economic disasters. b.. Land eats three meals per day. c.. A good market...

    by Marco Mion
  • Allez Up – Montreal’s Indoor Climbing Gym

    When I visited Montreal at the beginning of February, we ate brunch and took a snowy trek through the city to this climbing gym Allez Up. I’d only...

    by Marco Mion